Monday, November 12, 2012

Mini Monday: 52 Weeks, 52 Miniatures

After being inspired by this blog, I've been working on completing at least 52 miniatures a year. I painted over 52 last year. This year I'm struggling a little, and I know that the weeks are slipping away fast. Still, for the last couple of years, I've had more confidence painting miniatures now than I did in the previous eight. This quote from the blog above pretty much sums it up:
"I'm just focused on getting decently painted figures on the table now, and working on one technique at a time for every mini... blending, shadowing, outlining, etc. That way I can still practice the stuff that needs work without stalling everything. No one was going to rip me apart here anyway (I mean, it's not Cool Mini or Not, right?)."

I've posted my earlier updates on my old blog, Domikka. But to save you the trouble from going there, let's do a recap of what I've a painted up, including one new miniature at the end. 

January: Boris the Black from Reaper, a Human Shadow Priest from the old Chainmail line, and three Games Workshop Familiars. 5 total:

A closer shot.

From July:  Back Row (left to right--A Chaos Warlock from Heroquest, an old Ral Partha Rogue, a Reaper Mini bard, a GW Empire Engineer, an "Inquistor of Malvernis" from Reaper. Front row (left to right)--a barmaid from Mega Minis, a mousling knight from Reaper, a wizard's familiar from Gamesworkshopt, a Mousling thief from Reaper, and finally another familiar from Games Workshop. 

10 total:

From August: Whoops. Looks like I put in the skeletal familiar from the last batch. D'oh. Anyway--an old Ral Partha Cleric, a Reaper "Hill Troll", a drunk from MegaMinis, and "Sir Justin" from reaper.

4 from that batch:

Again, from August: A unit of Hundred Years' War  commoner militia. 16 figures total. They're all from Black Tree Design. I painted and dipped them:

And finally, a "Gallowsgaunt" from the old Chainmail Miniatures line from Wizards of the Coast...

So 5+10+4+16+1=36 miniatures completed. 16 more to go! 

I've got a unit of Hundred Years' War knights in the works, 16 figures, that I hope to have done by the end of the week for a wargame this coming Saturday. There's also a few other miniatures I'm working on. I'll definitely make it to 52 miniatures this year, and then some!

Paint on!

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