Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mini Monday: Ongoing Projects

Chalk up one Reaper giant rat complete for 52 Weeks, 52 Miniatures. I bought him years ago with one of Reaper's starter paint sets. I had him half-painted for a long time, since I wasn't sure about priming the rat in white. I've learned since then you just have to make sure everything is painted.

Just behind the rat are 16 figures for Hundred Years' War from Black Tree Design. I'm painting them up for Ancient and Medieval Wargaming, by Neil Thomas. They're going to be a generic unit of knights that can be part of nearly any army in Western Europe in the late 14th century to around 1453 or so. I'm saving the hard work of figuring out heraldry for my more fancier figures from Fronk Rank. 

And behind those is an Empire Steam Tank which I haven't touched since March or so. That's an old metal tank, not the the plastic ones they make now.

If I get that done by the end of the year, I'll definitely have completed 52 weeks, 52 miniatures and then some. 

Here's some more pictures of the giant rat:

With the rat completed, that makes 37 total for this year. 15 more to go!

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