Friday, November 16, 2012

Old School Renaissance Triumph?

Yes, the word is out: Wizards of the Coast is publishing reprints of classic modules from the AD&D First Edition era, perhaps more.

You can read a bit of blogosphere's reaction to it here:
Greyhawk Grognard
The Other Side Blog (Tim Brannan has a handful of links to the upcoming products themselves)
5 Stone Games has declared: "The OSR is over and we can cheerlfully declare total victory."

Yes, it's great that WotC is doing reprints of old material. I'm not buying any of these reprints since I already have the originals. I think the younger generation needs to be exposed to the classics, before the rules bloated and character building became the norm for D&D,

Furthermore, I don't think that this is a "total victory," I think its more of a placation of the OSR while WotC works toward 5e. The OSR became a small but loud voice against 4e and WotC. Rightfully so, WotC's marketing campaign torked a lot of people off. It is working, I've noticed on places like EnWorld the Edition Warring has calmed down somewhat. From the OSR blogs I've read there seems to be a general approval of this move.

But note that WotC isn't producing new material for AD&D. They're just taking stuff from the vault and repackaging it. So far, the only exception is that Slaver series compilation will get a low-level adventure in addition to the regular modules.

Am I condemning this tactic? Not really. It's just a sign of the times--the D&D demographic is aging and fragmented. For D&D to remain viable for WotC and Hasbro, they have to placate all of the remaining demographics, both young and veteran. They set to do that with 5e, somehow, some way.
If they don't... will go on and the d20 Dark Ages will continue.

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  1. WotC is producing a new A0 introduction adventure to the A series. So that is a new thing.
    It isn't a huge product, but the fact that they are doing this at all is kind of a big deal.


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