Sunday, November 25, 2012

Stan!'s Life after Wizards (Again)

Over on EnWorld Morrus post about Stan!, a long-term game designer who's worked for both TSR and Wizards of the Coast, who was hired again by WotC in 2011 and left again back in October. (I've always wondered that deal is with Stan!'s exclamation point in his name. His wikipedia article lacks an explanation).

Anyway, here's the links to Stan!'s blog explaning his hiring and later departure. This has caused some of EnWorld to accuse WotC of evil corporation practices. But apparently Stan! has no hard feelings.

Part 1: The Good Stuff
Part 2: The Tough Stuff
Part 3: Repercussions

I guess this is just an example of life in the corporate world. Hasbro feels the need to keep control over its intellectual property, which is understandable. But where does the line get drawn? Hasbro/WotC has their employees sign agreements where all of their creative output during their time at WotC becomes the property of WotC. Employees can apply for exemptions, and it seems that most go through according to Stan!'s story. It just in Stan!'s case the most important exemption didn't get approved.

Life for artists can be a balancing act between money/job security versus control over creative output. It seems that artists must have a patron to thrive (and eat), but then they give up their freedom. There has to be better way.

Perhaps that's what Kickstarter is for.

Stan! has since launched a Kickstarter project "The Littlest Shoggoth." And it looks like it has already reached its funding goal.

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