Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Creature of the Comet

Creature of the Comet
HD: 8
Armor Class: -1 [20]
Attack: 2 slams (1d10 each)
Special: Magic Resistance 75% (and reflection—see below), +1 or better weapons to hit,
bludgeoning vulnerability, immune to cold
Move: 12, 36 (fly)
Saving Throw: 8
Alignment: Any
Challenge Level/XP: 13/2,300

Reflection: A Creature of the Comet has 75% magic resistance. A spell that fails to breach the resistance has a 50% chance of reflecting back on the caster.

Bludgeoning Vulnerability: Bludgeoning weapons do double damage against a Creature of the Comet.

When a comet flies close to the world, powerful wizards and liches (of at least 12th level in caster ability) may attempt to call upon its power, using an ancient Hazahdian ritual (a spell of at least 6th level). The ritual calls down 1d3 Servants of the Comet, depending if the alignment of the comet matches the alignment of the summoner. A Creature of the Comet appears within a mile of the spellcaster, as desired, and remains in the summoner’s service until destroyed or when the comet passes away from the world (1d3+1 days, then the creature vanishes back into the heavens). It descends from the heavens landing within a 40ft radius target area as designated by the spellcaster. Creatures in the area must make a successful saving throw or be struck by the creature for 4d8 damage and knocked down.

A Creature of the Comet appears as a sexless humanoid, some eight feet tall, made of ice, dust, and

If a Creature of the Comet is slain, it leaves behind a small pile of cosmic ice and dust. At the Game Master’s discretion, these substances may be used to enchant items or empower certain rituals (such as summoning more Creatures of the Comet).

Note: The artwork came from the first episode of He-Man, The Cosmic Comet. Check out, Robert W. Lamb's website,  to learn about his work on the cartoon, especially the background art gallery!

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