Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Greyhawk: Maps of the Flanaess

I guess I'm just bragging that I've got all three maps of the Flanaess, complete, for the World of the Greyhawk. The first is from the 1983 World of the Greyhawk Boxed Set. The second comes from the From the Ashes boxed set, which I've talked about. The third comes from Dungeon Magazine (#118-#121, and is in four parts, which you can still buy at Paizo.

Sorry about the shine on the first two maps. Both are made with glossy paper. 

My favorite is still the first, but its in rough condition--the right have was taped sometime ago because it was tearing on its seams. 

The second one shows the post-Greyhawk Wars Flanaess. 

Yet the third one, however, shows a bunch added locations, culled together from modules and supplements over the years. Erik Mona, then editor of Dungeon at the time, really did his research. 

Of course, if you want to see something really neat, head over to Greyhawk Grognard where Joseph Bloch mapped Oerth beyond the Flanaess.

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