Monday, December 17, 2012

Mini Monday: Massive Ork and Goblin Invasion!

Last Saturday something interesting happened at Treefort Games:

--We played a massive orks vs. humans battle.

--It took forever to set up (and to take down).
--Only one person really knew the rules.
--The battle pretty much was decided at the outset (humans would lose, and I was human).
But everybody had good time! 

Because it was such a huge battle, there were some lulls where people could step aside while things like berserk warbeasts or cascade morale failures would get resolved.

Never in my 22+ years as a roleplayer and 12 or so years as a wargamer have played in a battle this massive before. All of these ork miniatures belong to one guy. There were some on a different table--he couldn't fit them all on the battle field. And left some at home. He had around 150 trolls which he didn't bring!

He's been painting up orks, goblins, and other the other monsters for at least 20 years!

As you can see the ork host was massive, consisting of goblin wolf-riders, ork boar-riders, giants, trolls, at least a couple dozen monstrous warbeasts, and dragon or two.

The miniatures in the foreground until just passed the second hill are mine. As you can see, the lines are less dense than our opponent's.

This flank is anchored by some hobilars, a mixed unit of heavy infantry, some knights on the hill, a bombard (if you can see it), and a ribauldequinn. They held out for a little bit against the forces agains them, but failed morale checks really fouled up this flank in the end.

A view from the orc center.

A view from our center.

We held some cavalry in reserve beneath the table if you look closely. But by the time they were to be fielded it was already too late.

The archers hold against the goblin outriders. All across the line goblin wolve-riders or giant spider
riders screened the heavier elements of the ork advance.

The orks had problems of their own, however, their warbeasts (treated as Elephants) kept getting wounded by our arrow and warmachines. They would go berserk and plow into their own troops as seen here.

A small part of the enemy left flank collapsed as their troops ran away from their berserk warbeasts.

In the end though, our center collapsed. The crossbowmen and cannon on the hill were annihilated. The knights to the right faired little better, having been disorganized by a unit which fled straight through them.

I could not make the morale checks for my units to stand and fight. As one unit ran away, rules for cascading morale failure kicked in, causing even more to run away or become disorganized--easy prey for the orks to hunt down.

In retrospect, it would have helped if I had brought my Warhammer Empire Army. I'm sure my heavy cannon and hellblaster volley gun could have done some good!

I still need to finish painting up that steam tank...

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