Monday, January 14, 2013

A Weekend of Gaming

No minis for this Monday, since I haven't painted anything this year...yet. Again, the goal is 52 weeks, 52 miniatures for this year.

Once again I spent my weekend down at Treefort Games. They've moved to a new location, which is almost twice the size of their old place. It's the best gaming store in Georgia I've encountered and the best gaming store I've been in. This is why I've been down there gaming quite a bit. I enjoy the people and the environment.

Last Saturday we played Warmaster, 15mm. I was part of a huge late medieval host battling a strange alliance of lizardmen, elves, and dwarves. The dwarves thwomped me pretty bad. And the game ended before my cavalry could get in a decent charge against the elven cavalry. Overall, I think the game was a draw.

Sunday I actually played Warhammer: Fantasy Battles with my Empire Army.  I spent three hours earlier a adding up a 3000 point army. I felt like I had a good army and sound tactics, yet I got stomped by the forces of Chaos. Eighteen Chaos Trolls in a horde along with assorted giants, ogres, along with Kholek the Suneater looked stunning on the tabletop. And boy was I stunned.

Still, as long as my miniatures get the occasional use, and since I'm gaming with new people (and really the people make the game worthwhile), I'll continue to play Warhammer.

 Yes, I know what I'm doing goes a little bit against my earlier principle of dumping Games Workshop. Yet, I'm not going to buy anymore figures or books or whatever from GW. I have enough miniatures as it is. Warhammer isn't my favorite game (hell, I'm not even sure if it is game), but since a lot of people play it, it can be an excuse to just push minaitures around the table.

But the day ended on a high note...

The Expeditions in the Northlands
So, on Saturday afternoon, I said: "I want to run my Expeditions in the Northlands game on Sunday night" to a couple people at Treefort games.

Sunday night, five players showed up and ran three 0-level characters each. Overall, it was a successful expedition for the players. 15 characters left Engelhadden, 11 returned. They found some treasure, explored part of a ruined town, fought some bloodhawks. But they didn't earn enough XP to gain a first level. Maybe next time.

Most importantly, the session fulfilled the campaign's seventh Maxim:
"New Players to the hobby are always Welcome."

As the group of four players started doing their a initial explorations, a fifth person started hovering. He said he'd just starting playing Magic: The Gathering just three weeks ago, but had never seen D&D in play. He watched for a few minutes and said, "I don't wanna get addicted to another game." And then walked away. Five minutes later he was back and played the rest of the session.

The other players already had experience with RPGs. They talked, interacted with the environment and each other (including one case of intraparty violence), but watching the new guy play made my night, especially when he realized that in a roleplaying game, you can do just about anything. At one point, when he realized he had only meager weapons, he said, "Since my character is a soldier, can he make a  bow?" I said, sure, you can try. It will take awhile. But you can try. He asked questions and became engaged with the game.

In other campaigns, I'd try to play a one-on-one session with players new to RPGs. Yet with The Expeditions in the Northlands, since everybody is, more or less, on the same level by playing 0-level characters in an OD&D retroclone, there's not a whole lot of rules and character skills to bog down a new person.


When the last time you've introduce a new player to the hobby? How did it go?

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