Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fatal Fluffies

These are adapted from the G.I. Joe cartoon episode "The Further Adventures of G.I. Joe" from the "Pyramid of Darkness" mini-series.

Fatal Fluffy
Hit Dice: 1d4 hp, or 5+1
Armor Class: 4 [15]
Attacks: Fists (1d10+1) or by weapon
Saving Throw: 12
Special: Breath Weapon (2d6 fire, Range 30ft)
Electricity Weakness
Move: 9
Alignment: Chaos
Challenge Level/XP: A/5 or 6/400

Fatal Fluffies will always be encountered in groups of 1d8+4 individuals. At first they appear to be pudgy hominids about a foot and half tall with short gray hair, pink ears, hands, and paws. They have huge eyes which allow them to see in the dark up to 60 feet. Although they can speak Common/Low Imperik, they only emit cutsy little murmurs and sounds to make themselves look helpless to observers.

If a whistle is blown, the turn nature of a Fatal Fluffy becomes apparent. Within seconds it grows horns and transforms into the size of an ogre and attacks, breathing fire and punching with its steel-like fists. Unless otherwise ordered by a Snakeman, they will attack until they kill and eat the ashes of their victims.

They can use nearly any type of weapon, often preferring whips and laser pistols (if in a sci-fi game).

If a whistle is blown a second time, a Fatal Fluffy reverts back to its original, non-combatant form.

Electrcity Weakness: If struck by electricity, a Fatal Fluffy takes an extra hit die (1d8) of damage as is stunned for 1d4 rounds.

The Snakemen of the Abu continent magically created by combining ogres with some kind of Demon of the Earth. Fatal Fluffies to infiltrate tribes who refused to submit to their power. When the tribes played their woodwind instruments, the Fatal Fluffies would attack and kill them all. A few Fatal Fluffies escaped into the wild. It is unknown how long they live.

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