Monday, January 21, 2013

In Search of... The Unknown!

As DMed by Leonard Nimoy...

[cue creepy synthesizer music]

A curious ruined tower stands on a hill in the forested wilderness. Below the crumbling structure, a tunnel leads into darkness. Whatever became of the people who built this mysterious place?  

Many years ago, Rogahn the Fearless (a fighter of renown), and Zelligar the Unknown (a magic-user of mystery and power) pooled their resources to build the tower and the tunnel. The named this stronghold Quasqueton. 

No one knows for sure why they built Quasqueton so far from civilization. Some whisper that their motives were based on greed and some kind of vague (or chaotic) evil. Yet neither of the two have been seen for almost a generation. Supposedly they ventured into the barbarian wilderness, never to return. 

Rumors say they've left behind fantastic treasures within the labyrinthine corridors and rooms beneath the tower. Secret doors lead to chambers filled with magical pools of water. Rogahn himself may have possessed a gem the size of a man's fist.  Zelligar's workshop might possess magic and enchanted items stronger than any known to man. Who knows what other riches are there for the taking? 

Gathering a few of your fellows, you share a secret treasure map and embark on an adventure in search of... the Unknown!

[Cue dramatic synthesizer music]

Since I bought this module for $3 back in 1992 or so, I've always envisioned Leonard Nimoy somehow narrating this module as he did the In Search of TV series. I don't know about you, but I think its a creepy-looking module.The monochrome cover itself is an oddity. It's kinda lemony-yellow and the fungus room doesn't help much either. And the title, man, what the heck does searching for the "unknown" mean?

I've ran the module for a one shot. The players had a good time, but one player asked: "Is there anything down here?"

Yeah, even when you stock the dungeon with the monsters and treasure suggested by the module, there's still a lot of just "empty" space.

If you're not familiar the "In Search of" TV show, check out the video below. At 2:50 you'll hear the dramatic systhesizer music I'm talking about. The show is a classic, tackling issues like UFOs, Atlantis, and other strange phenomena other TV documentaries wouldn't go near at the time.

It turns out you can get the entire series on Amazon. If had $120 to spare I just might get it, since I used to watch it when it got re-broadcast on A&E in the 1990s. Some of the episodes had some influence on my early D&D games.


  1. I can so hear Leonard's voice when I read this.

    1. Good. Because I've been hearing his voice for years everytime I've looked at this module. :D

  2. Great post! I used to watch this show when I was a kid. The main thing that stayed with me was the Shroud of Turin episode with the ghostly face of J.C. Since this show was on the air when Mike Carr wrote B1, I wouldn't be surprised if it was on his mind when he titled it. There's also a 1904 book by Robert Chambers (of The King in Yellow fame) with the same title as this module.

    I've shared this post with Holmes Basic G+ Community.

  3. Isn't "In Search Of" just a thinly veiled time travel version of Shatner's "Weird Or What"?


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