Sunday, January 27, 2013

Some Expeditions in the Blogosphere...

91st published post. The countdown to the 100th post has begun. I plan on doing something special--just not sure what, perhaps posting an adventure from my early days as a DM. Until then...

Here's a look at some interesting items I've seen in the blogosphere.

1. Of course, the big thing in the OSR is the launch of Gygax Magazine.

Joseph Bloch attended the launch party:

Tenkar's Tavern posted a picture of the first issue's table of contents here--lots of articles packed in there.

The official site is here:

It looks almost just like Dragon from the old days. The article titles, of course, show the age of D&D (and its participants): "DMing for your toddler," "Still playing after all these years," etc.

I'm not sure what to think about Gygax Magazine. I think its great that Dragon Magazine seems to have been reincarnated. Yet in back of my mind I feel like I'm not really part of its intended audience. I'll post my thoughts later, once I sort them out.

2. Looks like 52 weeks, 52 miniatures got at little life breathed back into it by Mike Mearls himself about a week ago. The site has been dormant since last August. He posted a half-orc assassin from the old metal D&D Miniatures line released for 3e, along with some old Ral Partha orcs. I hope they keep them coming, because they've inspired me to get my own miniatures finished.

3. I've been reading up on FrDave's Blood of Prokopius, who openly muses on combining orthodox Christianity and D&D, despite criticisms to the contrary. I particularly like his world-building series. How does one build a new fantasy world that is based on scripture?

4. You know about beast men, the ones from Games Workshop? Guess what? Games Workshop originally didn't create them. I did not know this. They were originally called Broo.

5. John over at the Land of Nod used Wikimedia's "random file" feature to create the skeleton outline of an adventure. That's something I might try for myself. Why bang your head trying to come up with original ideas for an adventure when Internet can supply all of these ideas for you?

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