Friday, February 22, 2013

10,000 Pageviews!

Sometime last night d20 Dark Ages crept over the 10,000 pageviews mark. Yes, I know 10,000 pageviews is tiny potatoes in the grand scheme of things. And perhaps it might be amateurish to celebrate such a number. Still, I count it as a milestone, along with my 100th post.  I've had just over 4,500 pageviews in the last month.

(And, most importantly, I do remember to make sure I toggle "Don't track your own pageviews"!)

My previous blog, Domikka, reached only 6,500 pageviews in its roughly three years of me posting on it. d20 Dark Ages started on September 20, 2012. So in less than five months it surpassed Domikka's old count.

So thank you, all who read this blog--and especially those who leave their comments. I enjoy feedback. It makes me want to write and share even more.

I especially want to thank Timothy Brannan over at The Other Side for naming d20 Dark Ages one of TBBYANR (the best blogs you are not reading) back in late November. That gave me a much needed boost. He said my blog had an "old school vibe." Well, this week I've finally conceeded to being Old School. 

By the way, if you haven't checked out my review of Timothy Brannan's "The Witch", you should.

Thanks to all of you again and have a great day!


  1. Congrats on 10k. I'll bet your next 10k comes a lot faster.

  2. Awesome! Any milestone is worth celebrating!

    Glad I could send you some hits.

  3. Awesome milestone man i can understand your feelings as i have also reached 10k mark recently for
    Genius Devils


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