Monday, February 4, 2013

Countdown to the 100th Post...

This is the 98th published post for d20 Dark Ages. Just 2 more to go till 100!

Of course, 100 posts in nothing compared to the other long running blogs out there. In 2012, Tenkar's Tavern had 1115 total posts! Wow! Grognardia averages several hundred posts a year (and my thoughts and prayers go out to James Maliszewski at this time.) Still, even though d20 DarkAges is still an infant compared to these giants, I think 100 posts requires some celebration.

Next Monday, 2/11/2013, I'm posting a free adventure for your enjoyment, Death at the Genesis of the Jewel. I wrote this adventure over 20 years ago, back when I was in eighth grade and running my first Greyhawk Campaign. You'd be able to download scanned copies of the first couple pages of the original handwritten document along with a complete typed up edited version for AD&D Second Edition.

I thought about just scanning the original manuscript; but what good would that do since my handwriting was lousy and only my former players would understand the back story behind the module?

So, what's the adventure about?

The characters are hired by an eccentric gem collector to find the Eye of Traldar, which was sequestered within the ruins of Fortress Resolution at the end of the Elemental Wars. The fortress was built at the headwaters of the Jewel River. Along the way they encounter an other worldly threat, major flooding, NPCs with goofy names (I wasn't good at naming back then), and learn more about the history of the ruined fortress. The ruins themselves are full of monsters and traps, some of which hint that a darker power from the North which has taken an interest in the region. Will the characters discover the hidden Eye of Traldar? If so, will they return it to the gem collector once they learn its secret?

I won't claim that Death at the Genesis of the Jewel is a fantastic adventure. It's linear and actually fits into a larger story, an alternate history of Greyhawk that I'll get to in an upcoming post. But maybe the adventure will give you some ideas for your own games. For me, it represents a turning point in my DMing career. Somehow, despite the warts the adventure had, my campaign started coming together. This is the only adventure I kept from that time. This is a shame. Once again: Save everything your write!

(I still remember throwing away the precursor to Death at the Genesis of the Jewel. It was called The Tomb of Time's Past--yeah, pretty evocative language, eh? I threw it out because the players didn't like it. And I didn't like it. I'd been too stingy on monsters and treasure. But what could I do? The tome had undead and they had no cleric.)

Anyway, in one of the posts between now and then, I'll share with you the alternate history of Greyhawk that my brother and I developed which serves as the backstory for this adventure.

 Finally, thank you for reading d20 Dark Ages!


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