Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dragon & Polyhedron Magazines, Available at the Internet Archive!

EDIT #2: Just because this seems like a popular post, if you don't know already, took the magazines down. WotC and Paizo didn't like them being up.

Thanks to EN World for this awesome news.

"The Internet Archive has added scans of all print Dragon Magazines and nearly all issues of Polyhedron Newszine to their archive. Every print issue of Dragon and nearly every print issue of Polyhedron available for free download in PDF, Kindle, and DjVu formats! (Thanks to Echohawk for the scoop, via RPG Geek)."

EDIT: I would add that not all issues of Dragon are up. I just tried searching for #359, the last print issue. It's not there. They're also not listed in order by number, but in the order they were scanned and entered into archive.

Edit 2: Corrected the weird formatting of the quote.

Still, this is fantastic. I have the old Dragon Magazine Archive, but that only covers up to issue #250. I don't have any Polyhedrons.

(Apparently they've been doing this for awhile, but this is first time I've heard of it).

This is perfect timing, actually. Because I'll be discussing Dragon Magazine #216 in the next few days, specifically the article "The Auld Alliance" by Arthur Collins, as part of comparing "New School" and "Old School."

You can read up on it here:


  1. God bless you, kind sir for your information. By the way, they also have Omni Magazine posted there.

  2. Thank you.

    That's great. All those old science fiction stories being available again.

    But if things like this keep happening, I might have to change the name of this blog to "d20 Golden Ages" or "d20 Superhappyfuntime."


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