Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gustave Dore engraving -- Peter the Hermit

If don't know about Gustave Dore, you really need to read up on him and check out his engravings--especially if you're a self-publisher in need of artwork. Most, if not all, are in public domain now.

Above is Dore's rendition of Peter the Hermit preaching to the pilgrims on the first expedition to Palestine.

Wait? Don't I mean "Crusaders?"

Yeah, I guess you could call them that. But they actually considered themselves pilgrims, armed pilgrims. The poor and the sick and women especially weren't supposed to go. But, given what we know of the rhetoric of the period, Pope Urban II sold the first crusade as a pilgrimage. And, since pilgrimages are supposed to be open to all, guys like Peter the Hermit came along to rally the masses.

Oh yeah, I'm also reluctant to call Peter the Hermit a "hermit," given his unhermit like behavior.

I'd go into my reasons why, but this was meant to be a lazy blog post for a Saturday.

Enjoy your weekend.

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