Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In Retrospect: Night of the Walking Dead

I believe this is the first module I bought for AD&D 2e. If I recall correctly, I was in eighth grade and on my Ravenloft kick. I really liked Ravenloft. Still do. Just the idea of scaring my players just filled me with dark excitement. My players kinda got railroaded into the Ravenloft from my Greyhawk campaign because I wanted them in Ravenloft so bad. Night of the Walking Dead was the perfect way to introduce my players and their characters to the Realm of Dread.

Looking back, Ravenloft itself was one huge railroad. Uh oh! The Mists have got us! Crap!

The player-characters went into the Mistmarch, just south of Cairn Hills near the City of Greyhawk. I can't remember how I lured them there. Something about pursuing bandits? Or was it finding the statue of a wizard turned to stone by a basilisk? Who knows? Either way they ended up on a raft going through the swamp and the strange Mists rose and took them away.

They ventured into a mysterious land where everybody spoke a Cajun-French dialect. They met some gypsies in the swamp and a lone crazy man whispering fragments of a prophecy. I'm not going to ruin the rest. You've probably guessed the zombies are are involved, and they are, to a certain degree. But not all is at it seems.

My players at the time remarked that the module, especially the combat at the end, had been one of the most difficult scenarios they'd played. Before that, they were used to dungeon expeditions or strictly linear adventures. Here they had to do some investigation.

This adventure is perfect for an evening or two of play.

Jack Shear, over at Tales of the Grotesque and Dungeonesque, ran the module last summer for Labyrinth Lord. You can see how he ran the adventure here: 

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