Monday, February 25, 2013

Mini Monday: 52 Weeks, 52 Miniatures 2013

For those who aren't familiar, I've been assembling and painting at least 52 miniatures a year since I discovered this blog: 52 weeks, 52 miniatures

The goal is to paint 52 miniatures a year, about one a week. Last year I knocked it out of the ballpark by painting 69 miniatures, all 25/28mm. (hey, no snickering in the back)

I wish the folks at 52 weeks, 52 miniatures would get back to posting more. They've inspired me to just stop worrying about painting the perfect miniature, just get painting. Miniatures are meant to be painted and enjoyed. And the best way to get better at painting miniatures is (surprise, surprise) to paint miniatures. Get'em done so people can enjoy them.

This year, my 52wks/52minis posts will be more instructional for the newbies out there (and old pros), describe the painting methods I used. (Though there is plenty advice on painting miniatures out there).

The pictures on the left show some of my projects I've been working on. The most important, of course, are the two completed figures in the front. The miniature on the right is a skeleton with a bow from Reaper miniatures. On the left is an Old Games Workshop Mordheim priest of Sigmar. (Yes... yes, I know might come off as a hypocrite for bashing GW and Warhammer and then turning around using GW figures and paints, deal with it.)

For the skeleton archer, I used the "two-color" and "inside-out" methods. I primed the miniature black. Then I painted all of the main parts a darker shade of the colors shown, starting with the face and exposed areas of bone, going outward. For example, I painted the skeleton face Necrotic Flesh from The Army Painter and then the armor Boltgun Metal from GW. Then I did the details. Afterwards, I washed the entire miniature with Walnut from Reaper. Then I dry brushed a lighter shade of the colors shown. Boltgun Metal --> Chainmail. Necrotic Flesh --> Skeleton Bone. Finally, I sealed the miniature with Krylon Matte Finish, clear coat. 

For the Mordheim priest, I did the "one-color" and inside-out methods. I primed the miniature black, painted on the main colors and details (including the base). Then I dipped the miniature in Army Painter Strong tone. Then I waited 24 hours for the varnish to try before flocking the base with colored saw dust (from Woodland Scenics?), and sealing it with Krylon Matte Finish.
My only mistake with the priest I should have wiped off the excess varnish in certain places. 

So why did I dip one miniature and not the other? I wanted to experiment, test how the Army Painter varnish would work on a non-historical miniature.

As for the minis in the background, those are other projects. I've discovered that it's okay to have multiple projects going on at once. While I had the Necrotic Flesh and Skeleton Bone out for the skeleton archer, I was like "hmm, why don't I start painting up those Reaper ghouls I've had for a while, and part of the Styx Boatman?" So I did. 

You can also see a sorceress from Reaper next to the boat. I've been working on getting her blonde hair to look right.

On those screws in the back are 6 Hundred Years War knights by Black Tree Design, getting prepped to become part of a unit of 12 knights to be painted to look like John Hawkwood's White Company. They'll form the core unit of my Italian Condottieri forces for my Hundred Years War figures.

That is all for now.

My score is 2/52.

It should be 5/52--I painted 3 Reaper Mouselings for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day, but since I don't have picture, they don't count. If you don't have a pic, it didn't happen.

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