Monday, February 18, 2013

Mini Monday: More Warhammer Psychosis

I'm so glad that I'm selling off my Warhammer Empire army figures. The latest batch sold on Ebay last night. Of course, they always go for cheaper than I what I bought them for. Which is fine by me, I rather see them go; I'm no longer wasting anymore of my time with miniatures that are a pain in the ass to assemble, paint, and game with.

But they're not giving up without a fight.

After Ebay notified me that my miniatures had sold, I sent emails to either of the buyers, thanking them for their business and then I'd send the miniatures out today.

This afternoon I spent packing the miniatures. As time wore on, I started worrying that I wouldn't make it to the Post Office in time. While I tried to keep calm and steadily pack the miniatures, the almost inevitable last minute hang-ups occurred: I missed one miniature in one order and had to re-open the box to put it in, I ran low of bubble wrap and had to find some newspaper for extra padding, the damn packing tape kept tearing down the middle and along the edge. Yes, fun times.

4pm rolls around and I'm done packing. I get in my car with my packages, hoping to make it before 4:30, when the Post Office closes.

I drive by the local high school near where I live, wondering where all the police are, because its a huge speed trap of a school zone.

Finally, I get to the Post Office and rush inside with my arm load of boxes. I see that the Post Office is actually open until 5:00. Great!

But it was dark inside the waiting room.

"Honey, you forgot it was a holiday, didn't you?" a woman checking her P.O. Box said to me.

"Oh," I said. "That's right..."

I had seen advertisements online, and signs elsewhere. I should have realized something was up when I when I went by the high school. But I was so bent on getting rid of these figures I had somehow ignored or forgotten the obvious:

It's President's Day.


You can read more about my earlier thoughts on the Psychosis of Warhammer here:

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