Friday, February 15, 2013

"Murder on the Hot Flats" -- An Excerpt

From an 1548 etching of the Battle of Kappel

The Hazahdian pikemen moved forward, piercing the wavering line of zweihandermen. Till fought on as more of his fellow mercenaries died around him. The grassy ground became thick with bodies and blood. 

"Where's our captain?" Arn said to Till. Till saw the panic in the boy's eyes. "He'd know what to do! Where's Captain Kurshner?" 

"Dead," Till said, as he deflected a pike point with his zweihander. 

Out of the corner of his eye Till saw the boy fall to his knees in disbelief, even in the wake of the Hazahdian onslaught. 

What more was there to say? Till thought. We'll all be dead and judged by Virtoaa soon. Why bother telling Arn that his hero of a captain was strangled in my tent? 

--From "Murder on the Hot Flats: A Tale in the War for the City of Peace."

A short story coming this Sunday night to d20 Dark Ages.  

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