Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Obligatory OMG WotC is Reprinting OD&D!!!


Yeah, my blogger feed is full of the news.

Back to the Dungeon! says the price point is a bad decision.
Commentors at Tenkar's Tavern have noted that the original Chainmail booklet is missing.
Tim Brannon at the Other Side Blog wants WotC to shut up and take his money.

I have to admit, this is genius on WotC's part.

Behold, the final capstone to end the Edition Wars and get the OSR to shut up, thus paving the way for 5e.

They can say its a celebration of the 40th Anniversary of D&D. Fine. But it certainly isn't meant to be a revival of OD&D.

Ryan Dancey once said that the biggest competition to D&D was a previous edition of D&D. What better way to placate OSR grognards than to reprint previous editions of D&D, but make the reprints too nice and pricey to want to bring to the tabletop? The price tag for this boxed set is $150. I even argue that the "premium" edition reprints aren't really meant to be used. They're collector's items.

Thus, WotC gets some money from nostalgic players for its D&D line to make it to 5e.

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