Friday, March 15, 2013

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, etc.

Well, I went and done it: I signed up for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge, where you post something every day (except Sunday) related to a theme for the month of April. My theme is Domikka.

What's that?

Look up at there.^ See the hand drawn map of a continent? That's Domikka, a setting for my stories and D&D campaigns. My upcoming short story, Murder on the Hot Flats, takes place there, as does my novel, Anne Greyhawk and the Valkyrie's Vow. Murder on the Hot Flats will be available, for free, around the end of this month. I want the novel to get published by the end of this year. More stories are forthcoming.

For the A to Z contest, each entry will contribute to a setting "bible." I don't want to call it a "Campaign Guide" or anything like that, because I intend the end result to be something for both authors and game masters to utilize.

Domikka is a fantasy setting akin to high medieval Earth yet without the elves, halflings, orc, gnomes, and other stereotypical creatures found in other fantasy settings. Dwarves exist, but are considered "Demons of the Earth" and hate humans. "Dragons of the Air" and "Giants of the Mountains at times war with each other, devastating human civilizations caught in between. "Goblins of the Woods" were once tribes of humans so wicked that God/Virtoaa cursed them to live in more bestial forms. Rightly so, perhaps, since they had "betrayed their blood" in Virtoaa's eyes. They were once members of the Imperik race: blonde-haired golden-eyed humans who are the descendants of angels who bred with the daughters of men many millennia ago and chosen by Virtoaa to bring order into the world.

I've got twenty years of binders filled with notes, false starts to fiction, and adventures for my D&D players ready to be mined. I took a long time bouncing ideas off friends, studying religion, history, and languages to get myself to the point where I feel comfortable enough to share this information and write these stories. When the time comes I hope you all enjoy them.

I also signed up for this:

D. L. Hammons, is promoting his version of The Best Blogs You Are Not Reading (TBBYAR). It's a blog hop mixed with the chance of getting your own blog "blitzed" by a hundred commentors if chosen.

I've been meaning to do a blog hop. It's a great way to get to connect with other people and their blogs.


  1. Fantastic! Should be a great time.

  2. Thanks for keeping the word spreading! You'll have a blast in the Challenge as well. :)


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