Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Growing Up in the d20 Dark Ages (Part 8): Being a Munchkin

In the wake of last week's post about The Munchkin's Guide to Power Gaming, let me tell you about
one of my favorite characters: Ulrick Hammerstein.

He's the only character, ever, for which I rolled an 18/00 strength (no, really!). This was during the last days of AD&D Second Edition. My DM, unfortunately for him, was rather inexperienced at running games. When the players around the table asked: "What books can we use to create characters?"

He said: "Um... all of them."

So I pulled out my Skills and Powers books and The Complete Fighter's Handbook. An hour later Ulrick was a 4th level ambidextrous fighter who specialized in wielding a bastard sword in each hand (take that, Drizzt Do'Urden!) His high strength negated the remaining penalties for attacking with two weapons. His high intelligence enabled me to swap his language slots for weapon proficiencies. Yeah, when it was all said and done he could attack 4 times every other round, 3 times in the intermediary round, dealing an average of 15 points of damage (oh yes, for some strange reason the DM let me have a +4 bastard sword).

Man, I had a blast.

The spellcasters in the group would cast invisibility and silence on me and I'd go into a room and surprise and kill the biggest bad guy. Then they would come in from behind while the bad guy's minions would focused their attention on me. At times, though, the other players didn't like it when I stood in a doorway, killing all of the monsters as they came through so I'd get all the experience points (technically the other characters weren't in combat!)

My only real weaknesses were my saving throws and having to rely on the other player-characters for help. One time I got shot by a drow's sleep poison dart and fell over with a loud clunk in my full plate armor. I had failed my saving throw. The other characters let me sleep it off while they explored part of the dungeon.

So I got back at them. When I found a 4,000 gp gem and kept it for myself! Yeah!

But the party thief found out about the gem via metagaming and tried to steal it from me. So Ulrick drew those bastard swords and killed the thief in one round.

Being a munchkin was a lot of fun. My character was nigh-invincible. The other characters in the group  were envious and fearful of my power. I had the DM running around in circles.

I have no idea why the campaign folded after three sessions or so...

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  1. Obviously the other players, DM and Campaign could only wither in the bright brightness of Ulrick's awesome.


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