Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'll be back...

You won't be seeing much of me from now until the start of the A to Z blog challenge.

Other priorities [i.e. real life] need attention. No, I'm not sick or anything like that.

I also need to work on my entries for the challenge. Thus, I am sacrificing quantity now, for quality later. But I've also go some other tricks up my sleeve...

So, I'll see you April 1st.

Until then, here's a few teasers:

"And Virtoaa said to his angels: 'What have you done?'"

"By this sign, conquer."

"This story is more about the men and women who didn't survive that bloody day on the prairie, the Hot Flats.
Do you understand that?
We burn our dead and remember them. 
The Hazahdians don't.
They've got necromancers who can do all of the remembering for them.
They get the dead to speak so they don't have to remember."

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