Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Angels Seduced by the Daughters of Men

The Origin of the Imperik Race

In those days, men became wicked and fought each other, despite the monstrous races that stalked the world: the Dragons of the Air, the Demons of the Earth, and the Giants of the Mountains. 1

The daughters of men lamented the fate, for these wars defied Virtoaa's wishes. They cried out to the heavens. "Give us children who shall surpass lesser men, and lead them in to war against the Dragons of the Air, Demons of the Earth, and Giants of the Mountains." 2

When the angels heard their cries, they descended from the Firmament like falling stars and bred with the beautiful daughters of men. 3

Afterward, Virtoaa said to his angels: "What have you done?" 4

And the angels replied: "The daughters of men tempted us with their flesh. We who have never known the passions of the living became overwhelmed by the desire to be alive when the daughters of men cried out to us.'Give us children,' they called to us, 'who shall surpass lesser men, and lead them in the war against the Dragons of the Mountains and Demons of the Earth.' And thus we went down to them." 6

Virtoaa thought about this. The seed of divinity had been planted into the flesh of mortals. 7  Then he said, "So be it. It is done. This new race shall have hair like golden haloes. And their eyes shall glimmer with the golden lights of Heaven." 8

Men in those days feared this new race, for they knew these children of their mortal daughters and angels would be both their salvation and damnation. 9 No longer could they war with each other without sin. These children would dominate their fathers and brethren. `10

When fathers heard that their infant sons and daughters had been born this way, they grew angry and tried to kill them. But Virtoaa protected these children and their mothers. He told them to flee into the wilderness. 11

--The Book of Origins 17:4-11, from The Word of Virtoaa, First Testament

Photography be Lee Sandstead. Sons of God, Daughters of Men sculpted by Daniel Chester French.


  1. Yeah, I think I'd be upset if an angel bred with my daughter too.

    Also, have you ever considered getting rid of the captcha verification? You will see your comments increase dramatically.

    1. I didn't even know I had "captcha verification" toggled on.

      Thanks, Jay Noel!

  2. I have used these creatures before too in my "Buffy" games. Lots of fun.

    Glad you are part of the Challenge!

    Tim Brannan
    The Other Side and The Witch
    Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword
    The Freedom of Nonbelief

    1. I'm imagining the children of Buffy and Angel for some reason. Would these "Nephilim" half-vampires like Blade?

  3. Gorgeous images. Best of luck with the challenge.

    1. Thank you. And good luck to you, too!

  4. Thanks again for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoy participating in the A to Z Challenge! I signed on to follow you. Hope you come back to read me!

    1. I signed on to read you, too. So I will come back!

  5. Very interesting. I love hearing the back stories to different worlds. Looking forward to more!

    I really love the phrase, "the seed of divinity..." very evocative!

    1. Thank you.

      There's lots more coming. I've been working on this world for 20 years. Its time for me to share it.


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