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E is for Exodus

After 1,000 years, The Imperik Enslavement Begins to End.

"Now the Imperik race had been enslaved for a thousand years. For a thousand years the Hazahdians had enslaved them. The sorcerer-kings of Hazahd tried breeding the divinity out of the Imperik race. They destroyed all places of Virtoaa's worship and they defiled and destroyed the Word of Virtoaa, so the Imperiks would forget their divine origins. Yet in spite of these actions, the Imperik race multiplied.

At the end of the thousand years, a famine struck all of Hazahd...."

The Book of Exodus 1:1-6, The Word of Virtoaa--Second Testament

Mordeo's Vision, Remembering His Blood, and His Anger.
"That night Virtoaa sent an angel to whisper into Mohrdeo's ear while he slept. The angel said: "You are the chosen of Virtoaa who shall lead your people out of Hazahd and establish a nation greater than all others.

"Mohrdeo did not understand. So the angel brought forth the vision of the Word of Virtoaa, glowing like a beacon in a dark night. 10 Instantly Morhdeo knew where this book was located.

"11 After waking up from the vision, Mohrdeo left his dwelling well before dawn. 12 Both Labael and Loonah were both absent from the sky, making the city of Malian dark. 13 He snuck inside the palace of his master, Paladies the Sorcerer-King, and made his way passed the guards whom Virtoaa had put to sleep. 14 There, in the master's library, he found want he had dreamed of: The Word of Virtoaa [First Testament] residing in a long forgotten corner of the library. 15 He stole the book back his dwelling, kept it hidden from his wife and children.

"16 It took him three years to read the book, since he could only look at it when nobody else was around. 17 During this time he grew angry, fire kindled in his blood, for he learned that his race was not meant for slavery, but to be the leaders of men in righteousness. 18 He prayed to Virtoaa for the power to end the enslavement.

"19 He anger was so great, that he pounded the table where he rested the Word of the Virtoaa. 20 The table shattered and there, too, was a great earthquake that sent people running into the streets of the city. 21 In the three temples of the city, the statues of Baal, Orkus, and Demogorgon tumbled and shattered."

The Book of Exodus 7:7-21, The Word of Virtoaa--Second Testament


The Book of Exodus is the first book of the Second Testament of Virtoaa, written sometime after -550 Imperial Reckoning (or 4370 Hazahdian Reckoning), after the Imperik Race successfully fled Hazahd, and establish the beginnings of the Gothlorian Empire in Del Reloes. The author is assumed to be Mohrdeo or one of his closest priests.

Mohrdeo was the first priest of Virtoaa after a thousand years had gone by. He began preaching his new found faith in secret for three years, before leading a revolt against the Hazahdian Sorcerer King Paladies of the city of Malian. He and his followers then preached his message to Imperiks in other lands and cities. Within a few years, Imperiks all over the Hazahdian Hegemony revolted against their sorcerer-king masters.

Soon, however, it became clear that the Imperiks could not withstand the might of the Hazahdian forces arrayed against them. The Hazahdians had no compunction of using Goblins of the Woods, Demons of the Earth, Giants of the Mountains, or Dragons of the Air against the rebels.. Thus, they had to flee.

The book ends with millions of Imperiks, led by Mohrdeo, crossing the vast plains of the Surenaur. "The Hot Flats," (the same setting of my story Murder on the Hot Flats--see writing projects) and escaping across the Aurm River at Velinlos. Afterward, Mohrdeo died. He would not live to see the establishment of Del Reloes, "The City of Peace."

His brothers buried him on the top of Mt. Orakel, the southernmost mountain of the Ritherammrott ("The Mountains of Red Fire"). Earlier, Mohrdeo went there to speak with Virtoaa. Virtoaa renewed his covenant with the Imperik Race and issued new, stricter, laws for their governance.

These laws form the spiritual backbone of Imperik Culture to this day, and aided them in building and Empire. In the succeeding centuries, the Imperiks returned to Hazahd to enslave the Hazahdians.

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