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F is for the Fall of Deloes -- The Soundtrack

Need some epic music for your D&D sessions, or just for your enjoyment?

Here's a list of 60+ great songs.

I played these on December 10 and 11, 2011, during what I consider was my magnum opus of all my Dungeon Mastering sessions since I began running D&D games over 22 years ago. I haven't run many sessions since--for how can I top my magnum opus? 

Anyway, I've listed all of the songs, as well as their composers. I'm sure you will find something you'll like. All of these songs are great, outright epic in most cases.

You can peruse the list below or download the pdf.

Edit: I added links to some of the songs within the list.

The Fall of Del Reloes: Soundtrack
Background Music Before the Session Started
The Man Comes Around         Johnny Cash, American IV: The Man Comes Around
All Along the Watchtower Bob Dylan, The Essential Bob Dylan

Beginnings: Conversations Between Talmor and Elohim
Immortal and Divine Trevor Morris, Immortals
War in the Heavens         Trevor Morris, Immortals

Epic Fight Music: First Played During the Battle With Tiamat (At the End of the Red Hand of Doom Module)
Fight So Your Name Survives Trevor Morris, Immortals
Battle In the Tunnel         Trevor Morris, Immortals
Immortal Combat         Trevor Morris, Immortals
Sky Fight/End Credits         Trevor Morris, Immortals
To Victory         Tyler Bates, 300
Trinity         James Dooley, Position Music – Orchestra Series Vol. 2
Hold the Line… Fire at Will James Dooley, Position Music – Orchestra Series Vol. 2
The Signal         Bear McCreary, Battlestar Galactica: Season 4.
The Battle         Hans Simmer and Lisa Gerrard, Gladiator
Quid Agam         Corvus Corax, Cantus Buranus II
Magnum Detrimentum         Corvus Corax, Cantus Buranus II
Other Fight Music
Starbuck Takes On All Eight Bear McCreary, BSG: Season 1
The Olympic Carrier, "Battle "
Launch Vipers  "
Scar                 " BSG: Season 2
Skirmish                 Midnight Syndicate: Official D&D Soundtrack
Final Confrontation         Midnight Syndicate: Official D&D Soundtrack
Burly Brawl         Juno Reactor & Don Davis: The Matrix Reloaded
Mona Lisa Overdrive Juno Reactor & Don Davis: The Matrix Reloaded

The Airship Flight to Del Reloes/Dragon Fight Over Del Reloes
Dalai Lama        Rammstein, Reise Reise (While Describing the War-Torn lands the PCs flew over)
Veritas Simplex        Corvus Corax, Cantus Buranus II
Miser        Corvus Corax, Cantus Buranus II
(See Also: Epic Fight Music and Other Battle Music)

The Audience with the Holy Emperor in the Tower of Bab-il
Returns a King       Tyler Bates, 300
Rome Main Title Theme       Jeff Beal, Rome: The HBO Series

Del Reloes Under Siege (Played at Various Appropriate Moments throughout)
What Must a King Do?      Tyler Bates, 300
Goodbye My Love      Tyler Bates, 300
No Sleep Tonight      Tyler Bates, 300
Mars, the Bringer of War      London Symphony Orchestra & Sir Colin Davis, 
     Holst: The Planets
Hope Fails      Howard Shore, LotR: Return of the King
Gayane Ballet Suite      2001: A Space Odyssey

Trench Raid
Under the Cover of Night      Martin O’Donnell & Michael Salvatori, Halo
Wilderness      Matt Uelmen, Diablo II
Cave      Matt Uelmen, Diablo II
(See Also: Other Battle Music)

The Battle Against Talmor in the Opera House
The Ecstasy of Gold     Metallica, S&M
The Call of The Ktulu     Metallica, S&M
(See Also: Epic Fight Music)

Beneath the Opera House: The Labyrinth and The Monolith
Song of Cherubim For Mixed Choir The 99 Darkest Pieces of Classical Music
Perceval: Good Friday    Wagner, Excalibur Movie Soundtrack
Requiem for Soprano…    2001: A Space Odyssey
Lux Aeterna    2001: A Space Odyssey
The Shape of Things to Come Bear McCreary, BSG: Season One

The Holy Emperor Kneels before Elohim in the Tower of Bab-il
Heeding the Call   Bear McCreary, BSG: Season 3
Xerxes’ Tent   Tyler Bates, 300
(See also: Epic Battle Music…
And Just Before Elohim wipes out the entire party, he gets distracted by the noise of…)
The Ride of the Valkyries   Wagner, 99 Darkest Pieces of Classical Music

 “Tomorrow, when the Sun rises, for us it will be a dawn; but for you: A Twilight”
The Player Characters, after receiving this news, prepare that night for the coming morning. The siege hasn’t been completely lifted. One character left his old magic sword on the altar of a temple, another spent the night in prayer, others with family and friends. 

Sonne   Rammstein, Mutter
(See Also: Del Reloes Under Siege)

The Leviathan in the Sky—Bab-il Crumbles, the Temple Destroyed
The End of All Things   Howard Shore, LotR: Return of the King

Assault On the Leviathan
Assault On the Colony   Bear McCreary
(See Also: Epic Battle Music)
A God King Bleeds   Tyler Bates, 300

Redemption and Apotheosis
Glory  Tyler Bates, 300
Do Not Forsake Mankind  Trevor Morris, Immortals
Apotheosis  Trevor Morris, Immortals
The Passage of Time  Beary McCreary, BSG: Season 4

“Roll Credits”
Sonne -  Live version   Rammstein, Volkerball.

Songs that were slated but didn’t get played
Fortuna (Album Version) Corvus Corax, Cantus Buranus
Carmina Burana: O Fortuna London Philharmonic Orchestra, 99 Darkest Pieces of Classical Music
Rachel’s Surprise/Who Wants to Live Forever—Highlander Musical Score
Wall Breached                 Harry Gregson, Kingdom of Heaven
Epiphanies         Bear McCreary, BSG: Season 2
Deathbed and Maelstrom         Bear McCreary, BSG: Season 3
“Symophony of Sorrowful Songs” Baden-Baden Symphony Orchestra, 99 Darkest Pieces of Classical Music


  1. wow that's some music and you spent alot of time putting that together

    I'm a gamer (not D&D tho)

    moondustwriter's Poetry nice to meet you thru A to Z

    1. Over 10 years. I started putting together the soundtrack after listening to "Sonne" by Rammstein. It sounds strange, yes, but the images that flashed through my mind's eye formed the foundation for the "War for the City of Peace."

      It took three attempts between 2001 and 2011 to finally complete the campaign.

      Thank you for stopping by. I'll definitely check out your blog, too.


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