Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for In the Darkest Nights, the Moons are Gone...

Domikka has two moons: Loonah and Labael.

Loonah looks very much like our own moon, is about the same size, and goes through thirteen cycles a year. The heathens of old used to worship the moon as a goddess, and many superstitions persist about the moon even in lands long dominated by Virtoaanism.

According to the Book of Amelie Loonah used to be a part of the world, before Asmodeus and the angel host crashed down from the heavens.*

"We all must suffer as the world suffered, when highest of all of Virtoaa's angels smote the top of the world. The orb of debris coalesced in the heavens and now brings us light so we may see sons of Asmodeus** stalking the world." 

--The Book of Amelie 13:1-2, The Word of Virtoaa, Second Testament

* Astute theologians have noticed the discrepancy between this scripture and The Book of Origins 1:1-22, where the War in Heaven and Asmodeus's fall destroyed both heaven and earth, not just blasting off the top of the world.
**Sometimes translated as "Demons of the Earth."

Labael, Loonah's smaller an almost pastel-green brother, is almost an entirely different story. Virtoaans view Labael as an evil counterpart to Loonah. Labael itself is the name of a dark angel from beyond the void who sided with neither God nor Asmodeus during the Fall, as described by The Book of Origins. 

"When Labael appeared, all creatures of the world trembled as with the world, for their were earthquakes and strange storms, in some place there were floods but no rain as water welled up from the ground itself. It was a falling star that did not fall, the priests and prophets said. It was an evil portent. Even the Titans of the Mountains and Dragons of the Air feared this second orb."

--The Book of Origins 42:21-4, The Word of Virtoaa, Second Testament

Labael has an odd cycle--it always appears in crescents, never a full moon, and aways in the low western sky if you are viewing it from the Bist continent. The First Testament of the Word of Virtoaa, however, always describes Labael being full, or near full. In the Second Testament, after the Imperiks escaped Hazahd, authors began to see Labael in crescents. Furthermore, the more east one travels the lower Labael gets in the sky.

How odd. Is the Labael a stationary object in the heavens?

Because there are two moons, the nights of Domikka aren't as dark as ours. Still, there are nights when both moons are gone, and these are the nights most darkest, favored by astrologers and necromancers...

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