Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Killing Hob-Gobel (Goblins of the Woods)

"...and thus, the Imperik kingdom of Hob-Gobel became cruel and wicked. They broke Virtoaa's covenant.They betrayed their Imperik blood. They debased themselves before false idols and degenerated their divine seed among lesser men and animals. They warred against the rest of Virtoaa's people."

"Upon hearing this, King Megdel assembled his army from the houses of Adel, Adeleke, Amohazan.... and led them against the hosts of the Hob-Gobel. They sky was dark over the battlefield, a high plateau called Hamorahet. King Megdel's army paused their spears in a moment of hesitation, for their opponents were cloaked in shadow.

10 "Then Virtoaa spoke to King Megdel: 'Why do you hesitate your hosts? Why do you halt your
vengeance against the Hob-Gobel, who have become cruel and wicked? Who have become a tribe lost to you?

11 "And King Megdel responded: 'They were once Imperik, pure-blooded, as us. Can they not be redeemed?"

12 "'They have broken my covenant,' Virtoaa said. 13 'They debased themselves before false idols and degenerated their divine seed among lesser men and animals. 14 They warred against the rest of my peoples. For these sins, they have kindled my anger against them! See them as they are!'

15 "Virtoaa's voice boomed, resounded against the nearby hills and the shadow over the battlefield lifted, revealing the Hob-Gobel. 17 They howled from the light, for the gold had dimmed from their eyes. 18 They burned from the light, for their skins had jaundiced from their vices. 19 The looked like half-men, half-beasts. 20 They burned pyres to hide from Virtoaa's light, but Virtoaa's breath blew away the smoke.

21 "'See how they have fallen?" Virtoaa said. 'See how I have cursed them?'

21 "'Now kill them,' Virtoaa continued. 'Let their blood not be on your spirit. Scatter them from the 22 Level their cities with fire and salt, and spare not woman nor child, for their women have cursed wombs and their children upon aging will war against you.'
plateau of Hamorahet, then march on their homelands.

23"'Even so, some of the Hob-Gobel will escape your wrath, cowering away into deep woods and dark caverns. 24 These will remain and grow fecund, and in times when their numbers multiply and war upon you, you will not that you have hesitated against evils within and without; for the Hob-Gobel are cursed beyond my covenant, betrayers of their blood, and yet they serve me still."

The Book of Origins 33:3-24, The Word of Virtoaa--First Testament

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