Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for the Lands of the Imperik Empire

"You have shed your slavery on the Surenaur. 10 Thus, I shall give you the lands and peoples east of the Mountains of Red Fire into your dominion. 11 The realms to the south and east, between the Aurm and Teht rivers, from the Black Sea to the Mountains of Radom shall be immediately yours. 12 Yet in time the Imperik people shall grow once again powerful beyond all others in this new land. 13 Your descendants shall rule from here to an ocean you have never seen, far, far to the east."

--Virtoaa speaking to Mohrdeo on the summer of Mount Orakel, The Book of Exodus 20:9-13The Word of Virtoaa--Second Testament, 

After the Exodus, the Imperik's settled in Gothlor (Holy Land) and built Del Reloes on the hills over the looking the channel between Gothlor Bay and the Sea of the Imperiks. The original names of these place died with the destruction of the original inhabitants of these lands. All of this happened sometime between circa -550 and -350 Imperial Reckoning. 

The Imperik Exodus brought millions of Imperiks into the Bist Continent, Gothlor could not hold them all. Over the next couple centuries, the Imperiks colonized realms nearby, setting up kingdoms, and forcing the native inhabitants, called Ethodians to abandon their polytheism and convert to Virtoaanism. 

The Imperik Empire was founded in Day 1, of Year 0, Imperial Reckoning. And over the next 1,600 years this Empire would come to conquer nearly all of the Bist Continent, most of Abu, and even parts of Hazahd. Only in the far north, where giants dwelled, did the Imperiks have problems maintaining their rule. 

The current year is 1979 I.R. The Empire, for all intents and purposes, is no more, save for Gothlor. The Imperiks are still around, but they govern a land in political turmoil--constant wars, rebellions, raids from Hob-Gobel, and so on.

To make an analogy, the Bist Continent is much like the Holy Roman Empire in real world medieval history--accept for that whole Empire part. 

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