Monday, April 15, 2013

M is of Molech and the Dawn of Civilization

"I will teach you how to be civilized!"
Illustration by Berni Wrightson
from Stephen King's The Stand

"Kane, the Son of Adam and Lilith, founded Ur-Del, the First City in the land of Nod. There he gathered the disparate tribes of men who grew tired of always fleeing the Titans of the Mountains and Dragons of the Air. And yet these monstrosities remained troublesome, for Kane and his kind had abandoned God's righteousness. The blood of Abel's murder still stained his hands. And thus, Kane called out to Molech, and bargained with the demon. Molech then taught the citizens of Ur-Del how to be civilized, and make the weapons of war to subdue the Titans of the Mountains, Dragons of the Air, and even other nations of men.

The people of Ur-Del multiplied in number. In return, Molech demanded the sacrifice of a hundred children to be cast into the flames of the furnaces and smithies beneath his altars every year."

The Book of Origins 13:1-5, The Word of Virtoaa--First Testament

The vision of Molech, from the movie

Molech, by Wayne Douglas Barlowe

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