Monday, April 29, 2013

Mini Monday: Demon and Giant Undead Cyclops, and other Gaming News

I've had a great couple weekends of gaming at Treefort Games. The weekend before last, we played Italian Wars used a variant of Neil Thomas's Ancient and Medieval Wargaming rules. You can check out the pictures over at Mikeopolis.

Last Saturday I ran a Neil Thomas Hundred Year's War game (sorry, no pics). It was French vs. Italian Condottieri, late war. The French won despite having their center collapse. Later I even played a game of chess while others tried out the new Saga wargaming rules for the Viking Age. It's a skirmish-level game. It looks enjoyable, and I like the idea of having an "army" with only needing, at most, 30 figures.

That evening we played the old Star Wars d6 RPG, by West End Games. My character basically pulled a Rambo on a .50 Cal. and shot up a Imperial Base with a vehicle-mounted blaster. I leveled two guard towers, wounding one stormtrooper; blasted through the front gate; destroyed a guard post killing one stormtrooper and wounding another; blew up an enemy speeder killing both driver and gunner, and wounding two nearby officers (one got trapped beneath the wreckage); shot and killed a stormtrooper in upper story window; destroyed a second guard post killing the stormtrooper inside; got wounded while shooting another stormtrooper; then I dismounted the vehicle and killed two more stormtroopers with my vibroblade.

Yeah... fun times!

The only possible downside to the weekend was my Expeditions in the Northlands Campaign didn't get resurrected as I hoped. But that was my fault, I didn't promote it well enough. Still, I had a fun time just hanging out and talking to people.

Anyway, here's the miniatures I've painted in the last couple of weeks.

These miniatures are old. I think they're both from Grenadier. I bought them back in 1992 or so, when I thought the miniatures just looked cool but had no idea how to paint them. I remember using the Cyclops for HeroQuest a few times.

They didn't even get primed until after 2000 or so. The cyclops's arm broke and some point. And the demon's wings remained detached. He stayed black until I finished painting him last week, though I gave him red eyes. I did paint the cyclops, but never really finished him up until a couple weeks ago. Neither were based.

On both miniatures I used Reaper's Aged Bone and Necrotic Flesh for the bones on the cyclops and the skin on the demon. For the bases I used various shades of gray. The stone at the cyclops's feet is made of green stuff. I gave the skeleton a Reaper Walnut wash before adding the final dry brushing.

I added a layer of green stuff to the demon's base and carved out the symbols. I didn't get it as flat as I'd like, but oh well. Perhaps the demon got summoned on an uneven cavern floor. I used quite a bit of inking for the shading. 

Prior to this, so far this year for 52 Weeks, 52 Miniatures I've painted 3 Mouslings, a Mordheim Priest and a Skeleton Archer.

With the cyclops and demon that makes 7 out of 52 miniatures.

Yeah, I need to finish up some more projects.

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  1. Ooh, that cyclops skeleton is a classic! I'll have to see if I can track one down for my own collection. Great paint jobs all around.


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