Sunday, April 21, 2013

My Upcoming New Blog about Writing and Ruminations, and Other News.

Does it annoy you when somebody at the gaming table starts talking about about religion and politics, thus distracting you from the game?

d20 Dark Ages is supposed to be, more or less, about gaming and my thoughts on gaming. My personal rule is that I don't talk about religion and politics at the gaming table, nor should I here on this blog. Some of my posts for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge, I feel, crossed that line. Gaming is supposed to be a method of escapism, entertainment, not getting people worked up over topics they have little or no control over.

Yet I'm also a writer, and writers ruminate, and sometimes I ruminate on religion and politics. Thus I'm starting up a new blog, officially debuting on May 1:

The Word of Stelios: One Writer's Writings and Ruminations, One Word at a Time

This has been in the works for awhile. I figured I needed another blog to keep my gaming and my writing career separate, since I started looking at other author's blogs. Most of these look so cheery and wholesome in comparison to d20 Dark Ages. While I may not go with the "cheery and wholesome" look, I do understand that my future audiences might not want to come to a blog about gaming.

Also, to celebrate, I'll be posting my short story, "Murder on the Hot Flats" -- for free!

So where does this leave d20 Dark Ages?

I'll still be updating this blog regularly. In fact, I can't wait for the A to Z challenge to be over so I can go back to posting:

--Mini Mondays
--Growing up in the d20 Dark Ages
--New Monsters taken from cartoons and television
--The occasional "Relic from the Dark Ages"

--And other miscellaneous commentary, though I promise to be less snarky from here on out. Though I have to admit, those rants on Warhammer, the Forgotten Realms, and why I don't LARP were cathartic. It felt good to get those annoyances off of my chest. Still, who else really cares?

More importantly, I'll no longer argue the notion that we're in some kind of "Dark Age" of gaming. I still believe we are, but I won't pour through old Dragon Magazine articles to prove it. Nor will I take current publications, and say, "See! See! This proves my thesis!", like I did with Gygax Magazine.  That post remains #1 in terms of page views, but I think for the wrong reasons. People probably came expecting a review, but they got that. How embarrassing.

Please see my actual review, Gygax Magazine (Redux).

So what if we're in a "Dark Age" of gaming? I mean, who really cares? 

I'm still gaming about every week. Lots other people are, too. Life goes on.

Well, the folks running the various gaming companies out there probably do, if sales are down. Yet if WotC can't unify gamers under the banner of 5e, like I think they're trying to do, so what?

Why should I let that affect what happens at my gaming table? Or in the stories and blog posts I write?

My two passions in life are writing and gaming.

Anything else is a distraction.

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