Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for "Sonne"

36"Mohrdeo continued to speak to those gathered around his death bed: 37'From hence forth, the symbol of Virtoaa shall be the Sun, as a reminder of our exodus eastward toward the dawn, toward the Promised Lands Virtoaa set aside for us, the Imperiks, his chosen people. 38 The Sun shall be the curse and envy of Goblins of the Woods, Demons of the Earth, and the destroyer of the servants of the Demon Prince of Undead. 39 Even Dragons of the Air and Titans of the Mountains shall hesitate before its power.' 

40 "'Be the Light of the World, for it is your inheritance. 41 It is no graven image to have the symbol of the Sun upon your chest. 42 In this present darkness, be the Light.'

43"And then Mohrdeo sighed, and passed on into Heaven. His work on this world was done."

--The Book of Exodus, 42:36-43, The Word of Virtoaa, Second Testament

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