Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Titans of the Mountains and Dragons of the Air

The lands beyond paradise were not empty, for Dragons and Titans lived in multitudes on the earth in those days, begotten from the union between Asmodeus and Tiamat. These creatures warred with each other for dominance once Virtoaa sundered Tiamat in twain and banished Asmodeus to the underworld. Dragons are the children of fire, earth, and air--the sons and daughters of Tiamat; Titans are the children of fire, earth, and water. They are the predecessors of the degenerate forms of these creatures which still dwell in the wild places of the world.

Adam, Eve, and Lilith traveled to the Valley of Lud in the mountains. There Adam slew the sleeping titan Humbaba, son of Asmodeus, by felling the cedar trees upon him. He built a house out of Humbaba's bones and flesh, and began to build a city from the cedar trees. 

One day, the dragon Hydra, daughter of Tiamat, came seeking Humbaba, so that she might slay him. Instead she found Adam, Eve, and Lilith dwelling inside Humbaba's remains. 10 She became enraged and burned the valley, city, and house down. 11 Adam, Eve, and Lilith fled into the wilderness, leaving the Valley of Lud to remain barren to this day.

--The Book of Origins (4:1-11), from The Word of Virtoaa, First Testament

The descendants of these first dragons and titans still trouble mankind, even though they are nowhere near as powerful. Titans supposedly once stood 100 feet tall, while dragons grew to a 100 feet long. Titans degenerated into mere giants, the least of these are the ogres and trolls of the world. Dragons are but a fraction of their former size and have spawned many chimeric creatures.

Dragons of the Air and Giants of the Mountains are but the first two of the four main races of monstrosities that beset mankind. The other two are Goblins of the Woods and Demons of the Earth.

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