Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Universe

Domikka exists somewhere in our own universe, perhaps in some distant galaxy.

I'm not a fan of parallel universes/realities, just as I'm not a fan of time travel. I think such concepts over-complicate things. The worlds we imagine exist in our own heads, and they can become as real as we want them to be, if only in dreams.

I say Domikka exists somewhere in the universe. Prove me wrong.

You'll just have to take my word that I've been to the summit of Mt. Orakel, where Mohrdeo recieved the covenant from Virtoaa. Believe me, there isn't much up there, at the top. Its covered in snow for most of the year.

Further down the slopes you can find the Gathering Place of Virtoaa. Its different than many of the other Gathering Places. It looks like two-wedges of concrete, about the length of a two football fields, and half as thick running parallel to each other with a large space in between.

It had to be that huge to handle the thousands of pilgrims who came there. Pilgrims would enter in from the east side, flow through the middle to recieve rest and blessing, and then go out the west side to continue up the mountain.

 But its been abandoned since the Dragon Wars. The massive windows between the slabs have long since been smashed. The area between is a field of broken masonry and snow drifts, with one mound being higher than the rest--the chancel of the Gathering Place where priests use to conduct ceremonies every hour, blessing the pilgrims who came there with golden sundisks in their hands.

If I've done my job as a writer, you've just been to those places on Mt. Orakel, if only in your mind. Who's to say they are not real?

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