Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Virtoaa

If you've been following this blog, you've probably notice I keep mentioning "Virtoaa."

Who is this Virtoaa?

Virtoaa is the god of the Imperiks and many of the peoples the Imperiks rule. He, and I do mean He, is a warrior-god, a jealous god. He could the be the one-and-the-same Yahweh from the Old Testament for all I know.

His symbol is the Sundisk: "die Sonne."

In gaming terms, Virtoaa is firmly entrenched on the side of Law, barely tolerates neutrality, and abhors Chaos. His religion, Virotaanism, is monotheistic, which has come into conflict with polytheistic religions. In the current age, Virtoaanism has stamped out most beliefs in the "old gods" on the Bist Continent. Virtoaans have had almost 2,000 years to do this and have been very effective.

The months, weeks, and days of the year, for example, are not named after non-Virtoaan gods and goddess. They have 13 month years, each month named after a powerful angel. Beyond that, they number their days and weeks of the year. Thus, the first day of the year would be Week 1, Day 1, 1979 I.R. Including the name of the month would be optional--some say even heretical.

While almost can be lawful or can become a priest, cleric and paladins of Virtoaa are considered to be "chosen." This why they are able to cast spells and have special powers. Clerics are often called Virtoaa's shield, because of their powers and restrictions on weapons. First and foremost, clerics are to defend Virtoaa's people and spread His message. Paladins are even more blessed, for it is they who take the fight into darkness, where even angels fear to tread.

Unfortunately, since the Great Decree of 1800, those who can channel Virtoaa's power had to keep their powers secret. The Church has become far more secular in these times, more concerned about maintaining its power rather than serving the people in many places. The Inquisition investigates and hunts down supposed performers of both divine and arcane powers. Sometimes they kill the person, other times they take them away.

Many view the disintegration of the Empire as a sign of Virtoaa's wrath. Somehow they have fallen in the eyes of their god since they cannot share in the prosperity of the past. This has led to numerous rivals, the rise of apocalypse cults, and the spread of wandering preachers warning people about the Second Coming of Diminifragt, the Demon General.

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