Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for X-citing News, "Murder on the Hot Flats"

I've got nothing for the A to Z Blogging Challenge for Domikka. Zilch. Okay, the equivalent of the letter "x" rarely appears in the Low Imperik language. Does that count?

Or how about news that the final revisions for my story "Murder on the Hot Flats" are underway. It takes place in Domikka. It'll be published in pdf.

Follow Till Wilderwine as he discovers the captain of his mercenary company strangled. Moments later, a fellow mercenary discovers Till with the body and accuses him of murder. Both are then summoned to battle the heathen Hazahdians in a holy war to the death.

Can Till, with his zweihänder called Titanhauer (Titan-Hewer), clear his name and survive long enough to exact vengence on the captain's killer?

It'll be published on Amazon.

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