Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zeitgeist

The year is 1979 Imperial Reckoning.

The great Imperik Empire, founded 1979 years ago has crumbled into a hundreds little kingdoms and territorities. The spirit of this age is one of decay and decline.

The Imperiks hold on to the dream that their empire can once again be restored. Del Reloes, "The City of Peace," in the land of Gothlor still stands as a beacon of hope in an endarkening world. The Imperik's hold on to the idea that they are Virtoaa's Chosen people, meant to rule.

The so-called "lesser races" of men--the Ethodians, the Abu-Steins, the Pithadians, the Avechenans--have only begun to taste the freedom so long denied to them by the Imperik masters. Even so, the struggle for self-sovereignty is a long and diffcult one, frought with betrayal and blood. Some have even turned to the old gods. But will these gods listen to their prayers or has Virtoaa permanently silenced them?

In many places, humankind's civilization has become narrow and constricted. Goblins of the Woods, Demons of the Earth, Dragons of the Air, and Titans of the Mountains have mulitplied, and have made incursions into realms once thought strong.

Many fear that these are the Signs of the Times, the End of Days before the Second Coming of the Demon General Diminfragt...

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