Friday, May 31, 2013

And the contest winner is...

Boric G. 

Contact me to claim your prize: an Angel of Death by Reaper Miniatures. 

Thanks to all who entered in the contest. (Since there were only six entries, I just rolled a d6).

And much thanks to all who've read and continue to read d20 Dark Ages.

Boric G. runs the Dwarven Stronghold, a blog where a "Dwarven Cleric can share his love of maps, dice, miniatures, and all things involving gaming and general geekery." He even has a list of RPG acquisitions for the year. 

Now he can add another miniature to that list! 



  1. Congrats to Boric. You may have to explain he doesn't get two of them.

  2. >snort<
    Tim just follows me around from website to website. You can't get rid of him. I really shouldn't pay him double for everything he produces.
    (The products are just that good, though.)

    And in the words of Sally Fields: "The dice love me. They really love me!"

    I'm psyched. Thank you good sir for your generosity!

    1. I hit too soon. Drop me a note at boric dot glanduum1 at geemail dot com.

    2. The Angel of Death showed up on my doorstep today. I was tempted to kick him in the testicles and run for my life.
      Then I realized it was my mini! It arrived safely, in one piece, and looks great. Now begins the "pondering process"--considering color schemes, techniques, etc.
      Thanks again!


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