Thursday, May 23, 2013

I won! The Teratic Tome, by Rafael Chandler

Once upon a time I had a character in Middle Earth Role Playing who not only got beaten to death by an angry mob, but ended up getting half of the group killed, too. All of this happened because he wanted to try out his "public speaking" skill to convince the mob that the agent of Sauron was the real enemy, not the PCs.

While the incident wasn't a total party kill, it was pretty much the end of the campaign, since the sole survivor really had no reason to continue with the campaign goals (he just wanted to run away).

At the time, the other players and GM were kinda upset with me.

But now, after all of these years, its all paid off, after sharing my story over at Tenkar's Tavern. I won the Teratic Tome, by Raphael Chandler, in the "Best Character Death" contest. Chandler, has already sent me the pdf copy.

I've already given it a quick skim. Yeah, there's some pretty horrifying monsters in here, sort of like a combination of Ravenloft and H.P. Lovecraft with a dash of, say, the old Scarred Lands campaign setting by Swords & Sorcery Studios.

I'll do full review once I get the hard copy in the mail.

But for now I'll tell you that halflings are evil, very evil. 

Thanks to Erik Tenkar for running the contest, and thanks to Chandler putting up the prizes to win.

If you haven't already, read the other entries in the contest. I can see why they had hard time picking the top three.

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