Monday, May 6, 2013

Mini Monday: A Mini-a-Day by Munnin's Brush, and Dr. Holmes's Collection

Not much to report on my end of figure painting. But I'm still plugging along with 52 weeks 52 miniatures. Yet there's somebody taking it a step further and is a great painter--Munnin over at Munnin's Brush. The goal there is to paint a miniature a day for the month of May.

Check it out.

Here's the Black Knight that got painted up the other day.

Great work, in my opinion. It shows to all of us painters that the most important thing is to just sit down, paint, and finish our projects.

You can check out the first miniature of may, a "Duergar Legionaire" here.

In other news, Zenopus Archives reports that part of Dr. J. Eric Holmes's collection of miniatures is up for sale:

"Big news in the world of Holmes Basic: as posted over on the Acaeum, the J. Eric Holmes collection has been bought from his family by Billy Galaxy, who runs a vintage/import toy store of the same name. He currently has about a dozen items from the collection up on Ebay (see here), with more to come in the future once the material is sorted."

For those who don't know, Holmes edited the old "Blue Box" edition of Basic D&D back in the late 1970s.  He passed away in 2010. You can read his biography on Wikipedia.

 That Basic edition was a transition between the old brown booklets and the later BECMI rules in the 1980s. As the seventies wore on, it became more like a basic set to AD&D.

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