Monday, May 27, 2013

Mini Monday: Tiefling Fighter

First, have a great Memorial Day. While you're grilling up burgers, having a few beers, remember those who've given their lives so you can have that privilege.


Next up is another figure for 52 weeks, 52 miniatures, a Tiefling Fighter from the old D&D Chainmail figure line from the early 2000s. They made some great figures for that game, but WotC decided to take the pre-painted plastic route and the rest is history.

Here's how I painted it:

I primed the miniature with black spray paint from Games Workshop (I'm almost out. Since I'm no longer supporting GW, I'll find another primer).

The numbers indicate the step-by-step order I painted a given area, covering largest/deepest areas first and going outward. So, for example, I painted the flesh Rainy Grey, then the metals, and then the hair.

1. Rainy Grey, by Reaper
2. Aged Bone, by Reaper--Heavy Dry Brush
3. Fair Skin, by Reaper--Heavy to Light Dry Brush

Metals (Armor/Weapon)
1. Bolt Gun Metal, by GW
2. Chainmail, by GW--light Dry Brush

1. Liche Purple, by GW, Heavy Dry Brush
2. Lich Purple, by Reaper, Light Dry Brush

Weapon Shaft

1. Oiled Leather, by Reaper
2. Woodland Brown, by GW--Heavy Dry Brush

1. Ash Grey, by Reaper
2. Rainy Grey, by Reaper
3. Misty Grey, by Reaper

Small horns and hair straps--Skull White, by GW
Gold Band--Bright Gold, by Reaper
Leathers--Oiled Leather
Eyes--Lich Purple, by Reaper

I finished off the miniature with some black ink by Games Workshop.

Overall I'm very pleased with how the Tiefling Fighter turned out. I've had her for about a decade and now she's done.

The guy in the background is a WIP, called a "Paladin Initiate" from Reaper Miniatures. Given his "sentinel-like" appears, I was half tempted to paint him as a statue or a golem. Instead I've decided to use him to experiment with the color purple.

I can't wait to see how he turns out.

So, with the Tiefling Fighter done, that's 8 out of 52.

(Yeah, I've got some catching up to do...)

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