Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Lotus Dice Bags, by Games by Gamers


The best dice bag I've ever owned! 

It's a "Lotus Dice Bag" from Games by Gamers, based out of Mason City, Iowa.

Apparently, these bags have been around for awhile, but the first time I've noticed them was at Treefort Games in Fayetteville, Georgia. My girlfriend bought one for me as a gift.

A standard-sized Lotus Dice Bag...

--can hold up to standard 250 dice.
--is durable, handmade.
--when full, the dice don't rattle around.
--comes in lots of assorted colors.
--when opened, you can see most of your dice, making choosing your dice a lot easier.
--closes up a lot better than other dice-bags.
--run between $8-16. (The larger ones cost more).

They're available on Paizo, but I suggest you to your FLGS and take a look at them yourself.

Here's their website: 
You can also find them on Facebook.

I really enjoy my Lotus Dice Bag. My old leather bag was showing its age.

Here's a couple more pictures:

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