Saturday, May 4, 2013

Soundtrack Saturday: Priest

If you're looking for inspiration for your Dark Heresy RPG campaign, or other sci-fi game which features an apocalyptic dystopian future, check out the movie Priest, which came out in 2011, directed by Scott Stewart. It's a good flick, featuring an eternal struggle between a priesthood and vampires over a shattered world.

And the main character drives an awesome motorcycle while he searches for his kiddnapped nice before she gets changed into a vampire.

The movie soundtrack, composed by Christopher Young, lends to the tone of sad stoicism throughout the movie. There are a couple of tracks decent for action sequences for your game. "A World Without End" is great example of what to expect, being sort of a montage of the other eleven or so songs on the album.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting movie, although I never heard of it before. :-)


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