Wednesday, May 29, 2013

VPA-4: Make the Game Your Own

This is the next installment of Victoria Praeparatio Amat (Victory Loves Preparation). You can read the first part of this series at this link.

Make the Game Your Own.

What does that mean?

It means taking charge of the game, whether you're a game master or a player.

It means not sticking to the rules as written and understanding that "the official way" (if there truly is such a thing) is the providence of tournaments and rules lawyers.

It means have a mindset that it is up to you to have a great time, not passively sitting there letting the game master entertain you and then complaining when you don't have fun.

It may mean having attitude adjustment prior to the game, leaving your problems at the doorstep with your shoes. Your character will be experiencing enough drama at the tabletop anyway.

It means not relying on the latest adventure or the hottest rule supplement from whatever RPG company to have a good time. All of these things are just tools. It's up to you to use them how you see fit.

If you're a game master, it means tailoring an adventure to fit the needs of the players and their characters.

If you're a player, it means actively using your character to interact with the game master's creation, aiding in the act of creation itself.

Ultimately, making the gaming your own means taking possession and responsibility of having a great time with the game itself.

Gaming companies out there will continue publishing product after product. But nothing really compares to a homebrew campaign setting and adventures the GM has created specifically for his or her players.

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