Monday, June 17, 2013

Mini Monday: Hundred Years' War battle with Joan of Arc

I had a great time gaming down at Treefort Games  on Saturday and Sunday.

On Sunday I ran my Expeditions in the Northlands campaign. Five players showed up to explore a ruined keep, where the encountered an evil gargoyle-bat-demon thing. Over half the group ran away while two stayed behind, charmed. When the creature chased off the others, he turned on his charmed "servants." They actually killed the creature, got the treasure, and made it back to down before others did!

On Saturday I played a Hundred Years' War game using Ancient and Medieval Wargaming rules by Neil Thomas.

The English had their typical line of archers while the French bought Joan of Arc and a couple of artillery.

As you can see, both sides were fairly spread out over the large gaming area.

This wasn't meant to simulate any particular battle, but just to have a good time.

As the French put pressure on the English weak right Flank, the English did the unthinkable--they marched their archers forward!

In retrospect, this wasn't a great idea, but I had to distract my opponent from putting too much pressure on my knights. The poor archers got whittled away by artillery fire before the engageed the French crossbowmen.

A group of English billmen slipped passed the French right flank. They went off the tabletop to pillage the French camp.

The English seemed to have the upperhand.

The hobilars and the English commander charged another unit of French crossbowmen on the other flank, to relief the pressure there.

However, their victory over the crowbowmen took too long. They got pinned and obliterated by two units of French mounted knights.

The game ended with a brawl where Joan of Arc died/got captured, as well as the English commander.

In Neil Thomas, you loose if your army gets reduced to two units.

Each side had three units left at the end of the game.  Although the French mounted knight appeared surrounded they broke off combat, leaving the English to wonder if they wanted to chase them with the remaining French artillery shooting at them.

The French player called it a marginal English victory. I claim it was a draw--all of my archers were dead, and so was my commander. The French still had a fairly fresh unit of Mounted Knights on the table that could cause problem... if my units didn't fail their morale from the canon fire.

I had a fun time. I really like Neil Thomas's rules because of their simplicity. The game lasted for about 2.5 hours--which is sort of long for the rules, but still quicker that many other medieval wargames out there.

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