Thursday, June 13, 2013

S&W Module: Grimmsgate, What I'm Doing With It (Not a Review)

I've missed out on playing through too many classic modules over the years.

I own The Keep on the Borderlands, have run my players through it in a 3.5e conversion, but am kinda sad that none of my characters have heard those goblins shout "Bree-Yark!" When I was really little, I watched my brother run The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh for his players. The cover artwork with the Haunted House overlooking the sea and what looked like a vampire with lamp was a little scary. Later I inherited his Against the Giants and Drow series.

The era of AD&D 2e wasn't really known for its classic modules, though there were some good ones, but I never played through them. That era was more about the campaign setting, "generic" modules were almost a thing of the past.

I did get to play through The Sunless Citadel for 3e. And that was a decent little module. The Crucible of Freya, by Necromancer Games, I bought and ran it for my players. Rappan Athuk? Yeah, I own the originals, and Reloaded and am eyeballing the Swords & Wizardry version.


I'm not going to miss out on playing through cool modules anymore.

For Swords & Wizardy Appreciation Day, I bought both pdf and hard copy versions of Grimmsgate. I haven't looked though either. I stopped reading on the very first page where it says: "If you are going to be a player in this adventure, and you are not the Referee, READ NO FURTHER!"

My goal: Loan the print version to another DM, a beginner, to run this module for me.

It says right on the front, it's an introductory adventure. And it looks like it has the basic "village with a dungeon" theme going for it. Perfect for beginners.

I'm setting this module aside... for now, and am encouraging other DMs/Referees out there to do the same. By all means purchase it. You're getting a quality product; Matt Finch and Frog God Games have history of producing great stuff. So no worries there.

Use the module to cultivate new Referees--there's a shortage out there, you know.

Somewhere along the way, one of your players will catch the DMing bug.

That's when you say: "Hey, I've got a great module for you to run..."

Besides, I'm sure many of you DMs out there who would love play through great module for once...


  1. Great Idea and a fantastic looking module! I think I will get it to run my players thru.


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