Saturday, June 15, 2013

Soundtrack Saturday: Herzeleid, by Rammstein

Rammstein has come a long way since their first album, Herzeleid, debuted way back 1995. Herzeleid is chalk full of anger and aggression, well suited to Rammstein's fiery performances. At times, Till Lindemann sounds like he just sank his teeth into piece of raw meat, and the blood and juices are dripping from his chin as he sings. 

So why would you want music like this at your gaming table? 

1. Bloody Combat to the Death.
Combat where the player-characters are facing down some longtime hated foes, foes that have somehow gotten underneath their skin and its time for revenge. The first four tracks of the album, starting with "Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?" ("Do you all want to see the bed in flames?") can be played in order for a fast-paced, blood-pumping combat to the death. 

2. You need an evil-sounding incantation. 
Your player-characters are exploring an evil temple. As they around the corner, nearing the main sanctuary, they hear the first part of "Heirate mich." You only have to play the first part. The loud thunks at the end, before music really starts, are doors shutting behind the players, trapping them.  

3. Something evil lurks in the dark... and then reaches out and grabs somebody.
Just listen, the music in "Rammstein" starts off slow, and the grabs you. David Lynch used "Rammstein" to great effect in the movie Lost Highway. 

Auf weidersehen! 


  1. I really love me some Rammstein every now and then. Used Herzeleid as an inspiration for the final session of a Vampire:tM (oWoD)campaign some time in the nineties. Worked great. The lyrics are dark, but abstract, which helps adapting them to any fun stuff one might have in the head. It's a good recommendation :)

  2. I love using music with games. Soundtrack Saturday is brilliant.

    I have used Rammstein a time or two in my modern horror games. I had a hunter that studied angelic magic that was inspired by their song Engel.


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