Monday, July 8, 2013

Anne Greyhawk and the Valkyrie's Vow (A Serialized Novel)

Over at my other website about writing, the Word of the Stelios, I've begun posting my first novel, Anne Greyhawk and Valkyrie's Vow in serialized form.

Anne Greyhawk just wants to go home. She's having a miserable time at Bible camp. None of her other friends have shown up, and she has to keep an eye on her asthmatic nine-year-old brother, while enduring the power trips of the camp counselors. Only the ruins of a town in the woods with an old church seem to offer any kind of escape.

Soons she finds herself in a world far away, where Goblins of the Woods and Demons of the Earth stalk the land and prophecies seem to be real. Anne must find new friends and allies, while avoiding the machinations of Fallor the Necromancer, to complete her quest to return home.

You can find the book's introduction, where I plan on using this as a fundraiser for children's hospitals, at this link.

You can read the first blog post of the book here.


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