Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Elric versus Elminster--who'd win?

Yeah, I know, it's like the old debate of Superman vs. Mighty Mouse. But let's have some fun.

Elric and Elminster are both powerful wizards, but Elric has Stormbringer.

Both have faced off against incredibly powerful opponents, even gods, and survived.

Elminster, even when turned into a magical cloud of ash, can't seem to die. 

Elric dies in the final book of the saga, and the current books take place during the time when he was alive.

If Elric stabs Elminster with Stormbringer, Elminster's soul will forever be destroyed.

Elric is in Appendix N, Elminster is not (and I don't think he's in Pathfinder's "Inspirational Reading" section in Game Mastery either).

So my vote is with Elric. Who do you think would win in a fight?

Place your vote in the poll on the right!

(Does anybody know how to make the voting options have lighter text? I've tried adjusting things in "advanced options" but that doesn't seem to work. And I'm a bit of a html neophyte). 


  1. Elminster may be annoying, but he's also very smart. He usually has a number of magical contingencies tucked up his sleeves. The element of surprise is critical here. If Elric could surprise Elminster and get Stormbringer in range of the old goat, then Elminster is in trouble. If Elminster is alerted, he could use Legend Lore and other divination to work out what Stormbringer is, and then he'd use all sorts of AD&D magic trickery to make sure that Elric never gets close enough to use Stormbringer. Project Image, Wall of Force, Dimension Door, Prismatic Wall, Shape Change - the spell list is all there. It's a question of whether Elric gives Elminster the opportunity to use them.

  2. I don't think that Elminster would even let Elric get within range for melee Elminster isn't one to generally do any melee combat at least not now in his 500+ years later. But yes if Elric was able to get a stab at Elminster sure he would likely win but I still don't think that Elminster would ever be dead permanently.

  3. This shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Elric is statted. Is Elminster? Can Elminster be converted to a 1st ed stat block?

  4. Hmm it's not something I'd want to do but Elminster might be statted somewhere. I'm just surprised that Elminster is so doubted. He doesn't have to sleep ever, he also knows how to use spellfire an anti-magic power/ability.

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  6. Someone attempted stats for 2nd edition:
    Elminster's stats are:

    STR: 13
    DEX: 18
    CON: 24
    INT: 24
    WIS: 18
    CHA: 17

    Not sure about his classes in 2nd edition but in 3rd edition they are: Fighter1/Rogue2/Cleric3/Wizard20/Archmage5/Epic4.

    As a chosen of Mystra he has the following abilities:

    Bonus Spells: A chosen gains one bonus spell of each spell level per day which can be as a spell like ability. Once these nine spells are selected, they can never be changed. Most chosen select a variety of offensive, defensive and utility spells with this ability (most of the spells Elminster has selected are not available in BG).

    Spell Immunity: Chosen are immune to one spell per spell level, just as if the spell immunity spell were constantly in effect upon them. Once these nine spells are selected, they can never be changed (Elminster has selected Detect thoughts, Everards Black Tentacles, Feeblemind, Finger of Death, Fireball, Magic missile, sunburst and timestop).

    Immunities: The chosen are immune to aging, disease, disintegration, and poison.

    The chosen gain a +10 to their CON score (included in the above stat line)

    They also have control of the Silver Fire, a strange magical effect which couldn't really be duplicated in Baldur's Gate.

  7. Elminster has the blessings of the gods. Elric is, essentially, wielding one in Stormbringer. Edge to the Albino Emperor.


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